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Accredited SAP assessors and building energy efficiency consultants

As building energy consultants, we provide a range of services to ensure you have all of the appropriate regulations are met before, during, and after your build. Whether you’re looking for energy consultancy on a new building, extension or conversion, we’re here to take the stress out of the process.

SAP Assessments

The Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) assessment is a procedure introduced by the UK Government designed to ensure that all new buildings, home extensions and building conversions meet Building Regulations and fall in line with key energy efficiency policies.

Our expert SAP assessors will help you calculate how much energy your home, new building or extension is likely to use, the overall level of Co2 emissions it will produce, as well as the thermal insulation of the building materials used.

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Energy Statements

When you submit a planning application to your local authority, you will most likely be asked to provide an energy statement. An energy statement will demonstrate that you’re working towards zero-emission objectives.

We’re able to provide excellent guidance and help to produce an energy statement document that will demonstrate to any local authority that you’re building work is in line with Co2 emission targets, energy costs, and lighting efficiency.

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Air Permeability Testing

An air permeability test is mandatory for every new home to ensure that it meets building airtightness standards laid down by the UK Government in 2002.

Our qualified professionals can help you carry out simple air permeability tests to check your building’s air leakage rate, airtightness, and internal air pressure.

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Why us?

  • 100% pass rate
  • Fast & Efficient Energy Consultant Service
  • 35+ years experience in the building energy efficiency industry
  • Any size building
  • Cost-effective value engineering
  • Accredited SAP Assessors and Engineers

“Briary Energy have been working with Bloor Homes since 2006, creating solutions for us to meet building regulation and planning requirements across our regions.”

– Phil Jackson
Group R and D Manager
Bloor Homes
SAP Calculations

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