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Bringing light and efficiency into your building.

One common goal for many homeowners is to gain as much light as possible by adding more glazing to an extension. However, current regulation states that glazing cannot account for more than 25% of the new floor area due to the potential heat loss and Co2 emissions.

At Briary Energy we want to ensure that your extension meets your every need

  1. We start by creating an energy model of the property and calculate the total Co2 emissions.
  2. We create a notional model that comes with a standard amount of insulation value and glazing
  3. We take into consideration other heating elements in the home including replacement boilers which help offset your Co2 emissions

If the extension has a lower emission rate when compared to the notional extension, it will conform to meet the required SAP listing. Additionally, if there are other heating elements in the room, this will help offset the heat loss.

Why Briary?

  • Our EPC Certificate service is complete, with no hidden charges!
  • You won’t be charged more for Thermal Bridge Calculations
  • You will get a PEA
  • We won’t give you a failed calculation
  • We will always allow a retest
  • Prices are based on single dwellings
  • We can put packages together
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Contact us today to talk about your upcoming project – it could save you on average £800* per plot!

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