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Why does your property need to meet Part F Building Regulations?

Approved Document F, otherwise known as Part F, is a UK domestic building regulation that looks to ensure that homes and commercial are able to maintain good indoor air quality and have appropriate ventilation.

In order to ensure that your building is properly ventilated Part F of the building regulations states that you need to verify how practical the design is in terms of the airflow if you have a new dwelling.

This means that you need to measure the requirements for every single dwelling that falls under this part of the code. You will also need to make sure that all of your systems are configured properly as well.

Meeting Part F Ventilation regulations

You will need to ensure that you have UKAS equipment and an engineer who understands the various domestic ventilation technologies. If your engineer is not registered, then you will take a penalty of 25% and be applied to you with SAP.

Additionally, you need to ensure that you have all the right ventilation rates, required SAP calculation worksheets, the type of ventilation, the floor plans for every dwelling and the occupant schedule as well.

How can Briary help with Part F Building Regulation Compliance?

At Briary energy, we are experts in building regulations and building energy efficiency. Part F building regulations have a heavy influence on SAP calculations, we have accredited SAP assessors who are here to help you understand and help ensure your building meets the appropriate regulations.

Why Choose Briary Energy for Part F Building Regulation Testing?

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