SAP Calculations for Conversions

If you have a project that is a barn conversion or if you have a single dwelling then it is more than likely that building control will ask you for your Part L1b SAP calculation.

They will ask that your building materials meet the required efficiency standards and this is also the case for your controlled fittings as well. It can be harder to meet these requirements when compared to the requirement for a new build and we can help you to overcome this quickly and efficiently.

How Does It Work?

We will undertake any SAP calculations when it comes to conversions and we can also help you to ensure that all of your new features are up to date. We have years of experience when it comes to building renovations and building conversions, not to mention that we can also help you to make sure that your existing features are up to the right specifications as well. We can identify where certain walls can be left untouched and we can also advise you on your insulation which might need more consideration if you want to get a pass.

There are some mandatory SAP calculations that help to assess the overall efficiency of the fabric and this includes any fabrics that you use along with the heating, lighting and even the hot water system. When you compare to new build calculations, your SAP assessment for a conversion won’t need to demonstrate any compliance when it comes to carbon emissions.

SAP calculations are often compared to the requirements of Part L1B and they are summarised in a report. This needs to be done before any of the work is started.
When you have completed this for your building conversion, the SAP will be upgraded to the As Built Sap and this will incorporate any small or big changes that have been made in respect to the initial design and even your hot water systems. A final SAP report is then reissued to Building Control with an EPC to get everything sorted out.

Part L1b SAP Calculations Are Our Speciality

Our competitive fees are inclusive and they come with everything you need to meet the required compliance levels. You can always rely on us to provide you with all the customer and technical support you need when it comes to your building renovation and we continually pride ourselves on having a solid working partnership with all of our clients.

We are highly experienced and we are also fully accredited as well. We can offer you free design advice when it is required and if you need to amend your building specifications then we can recommend low cost alternatives to you as well. So as you can see, we will really do everything we can to meet your needs and we are completely dedicated to your success.

We have so much experience when it comes to Part L1b and we can work to meet your requirements in every possible way. It is rare that we don’t find a solution for you and we are always here to help if you have any questions about the services we provide. SAP calculations are required for every building that has been converted, such as a barn or even a flat so it has never been easier for you to get started with us.

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