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20th January 2017

Heating With Ice (Infographic)

Using innovative technology, with their ice storage system Viessmann show us how they can heat and cool a building using ice. To do this, they use the example of Stommel Haus’ award winning home in the Aberdeenshire hills, a development which we were closely involved with.

Making use of this renewable energy source, the system combines an ice storage tank and energy from the air, the sun and the ground to provide a complete home heating system which can heat a building when cold, cool a building when warm and provide a domestic hot water supply.

Freezing is an exothermic process, meaning that as a liquid changes to a solid, heat is released. Viessmann’s system uses this energy released as latent heat, with the potential energy stored in its ice store system.
Viessmann’s standard ice storage comprises of an ice storage tank with a water capacity of approximately 10 m³ and solar air absorbers for installation on pitched or flat roofs.

The solar air absorbers installed on the roof utilise the heat from the ambient air and from insolation during the day and transfer it to the heat pump. They also work to regenerate the ice store if no thermal energy is being drawn by the heat pump.

Utilising ice, the ice store, which is installed in the ground, functions as a source of heat for the heat pump if there is insufficient thermal energy available from the solar air absorbers.

An ice store with a volume of 10 m³ for a detached house can deliver the same amount of energy as around 110 litres of fuel oil and is capable of 10 kW of heating output.
Affordable, dependable, and easy to install, ice storage systems offer high efficiency resulting from the combined use of different heat sources and offer inexpensive. Energy saving natural cooling and heating. In most cases, the systems require no planning permission.
This technology has been adopted by the German manufacturer of eco-homes, Stommel Haus. Using the technology in their award winning three-bedroom Arctic Heartwood Spruce home in the Aberdeenshire hills – Stommel Haus have created the first ever home to utilise this technology in Scotland.
The below infographic shows how Viessmann’s ice store system technology works in Stommel Haus’ eco home.

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