The Home Quality Mark

The Home Quality Mark is a brand new scheme from BRE. At the moment it has been launched in pilot mode and HQM is also very convenient for you to use. It uses a very simple 5 star rating to provide you with impartial information from experts when it comes to home design. HQM can also show you your home’s building structure as it becomes more and more air tight. Respiratory conditions are on the rise and as the population gets older, it will help to show you how your footprint is helping to combat the overheating and ever changing climate.

In addition to this, HQM will evaluate your connectivity and the overall performance of your home as the speed and connectivity increase. The HQM will also allow a housing developer to show your home and the quality it has to offer, helping to identify anything you need as well as making sure that your home is cheap to run, in a good location and in accordance to the requirements of an ever changing climate.

The HQM has been developed by BRE and that is a leading building science centre. It is based on years of experience. It is part of the BREEAM family and they believe in providing the utmost quality in terms of sustainability and standards. We have been keeping tabs on all of the announcements from the government and all the technical standards that they have. This includes the content on the home Quality Mark and there are a number of studies in development as well. You can stay informed of all our blogs and the latest news articles that are tagged with this search term. Of course, we are also experienced in Code and BREEAM so we are very excited to help you with your projects and this new scheme.

Home Quality Mark Launch at EcoBuild

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