SAP Calculations for New Builds

All you Need To Know About SAP Calculations

If you are trying to build a new property then you will need to give your SAP calculations to Building Control.
A lot of designs do not actually comply with all of the minimum requirements in terms of Part L1A. Of course, the regulations can vary on where and when your build began, so this is one of the main things that you need to consider. The first thing you will be asked is if your new build does not exceed the target set for carbon emissions.

You will also need to make sure that your fabric meets a required thermal performance level as well, if you are establishing your home in England. Our team can help you with SAP calculation and we can also make sure that you overcome any hurdles you face with ease and efficiency. You’ll have our support and guidance from start to finish and we are more than happy to help answer any questions that you might have.

If you want to find out more, please do take a look at our SAP calculation page.

How Do SAP Calculations for New Builds Work?

We will work with you to try and establish the requirements you need to meet and we can also offer feedback on the design as well to try and achieve the maximum level of compliance. We can also take a look at the architectural drawings that have been taken from the build to try and model your new home, so you won’t need to arrange a site visit either.

Part L1A SAP Calculations are Our Speciality

We have extensive experience when it comes to SAP calculation and we can provide you with the highest level of help and assistance. We have already helped hundreds of people to achieve their goals and we are consistent in the service that we provide.

New Build Pack

We can take the hassle and fuss out of everything for you. We know that energy compliance is not always the number one choice on your list when you are trying to put a new project together and we also know that it can be difficult to try and get a scheme signed off sometimes. We can take care of this for you as well as helping you to manage everything you need from the initial design to the final stage of completion. We can also help you to manage Part L to Part G so you know you can trust in us for just about anything you need.

What Does Our Pack Include?

  • SAP Calculation
  • EPC Report
  • Part G Calculations
  • Air Testing

Now let’s move on to the small print. It is important to understand that our EPC Certificate service is one of the best around and that we do not charge extra when it comes to the finer details either.

  • You Won’t Be Charged More for Thermal Bridge Calculations
  • You Will Get A PEA
  • We Won’t Give You A Failed Calculation
  • We Will Always Allow a Retest
  • Prices are Based on Single Dwellings
  • We Can Put Packages Together

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